Isabelle's Lighting is a premier dealer of Butler Specialty Company. Since 1930, Butler Specialty Company has created the broadest accent furniture line in America. Butler Specialty Company's passion for innovative design will help you rediscover all those things that will breathe life into your room. Sleek, yet understated, you will find a modern assortment of stunning accents embraces simplicity of design and is likely to arouse uncontrollable feelings of exhilaration and bliss. In a transitional flair, Butler Specialty Company takes a harmonious blend of timeless design mixed with contemporary materials and finishes. These classic silhouettes evoke a sense of familiarity while incorporating freshness in any space. For the connoisseur – the devotee – of time-honored design, Butler Specialty Company offers an abundant selection of exquisite accents created for today’s homes while honoring and embodying the past.