Social Responsibility

"We help families improve their quality of life."

Tom and Crystal Isabelle, Owners

We seek God first in all that we do. We know that God is the creator of all things. He is the source of our strength and our provisions to give us the quality of life that we have. We maintain a standard of excellent communications with our customers, vendors, and co-workers as we serve them respectfully, with honesty and love. (1 Peter 4:11 NIV)

Dominican Advance

Through child sponsorship each year, Isabelle's Lighting helps children from the Dominican Republic get quality education through Dominican Advance, bringing hope for a brighter future.


Isabelle's Lighting shares the philosophy and responsibility with Driven11 to inspire faith in action. We are honored to have Dominick Cox as our Business Development coach for all our staff and leadership here at Isabelle's Lighting.


 Green Mountain Club

As a Green Mountain Club Guardian Business Member, Isabelle's Lighting understands the key role that recreation plays in healthy family life. The Green Mountain Club is the founder and maintainer of the Long Trail - the oldest long distance hiking trail in America. Established in 1910 to build this trail stretching the length of Vermont, the club now also maintains the Appalachian Trail in Vermont and trails in the Northeast Kingdom in its mission to "make the Vermont mountains play a larger part in the life of the people." The mission of the Green Mountain Club is to make the Vermont mountains play a larger part in the life of the people by protecting and maintaining the Long Trail System and fostering, through education, the stewardship of Vermont’s hiking trails and mountains.


Teen Challenge Vermont

Isabelle's Lighting is a proud Bronze annual financial supporter of Teen Challenge Vermont. 

Teen Challenge Vermont Ministries is a residential drug and alcohol recovery home for anyone eighteen years or older. Our residents embark on a journey of life transformation through following a faith-based Christian lifestyle that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Hope wins! We focus on getting addicts out of unhealthy situations and giving them every chance to succeed within a new life bringing environment. We seek to help people across the cities, towns and farms of our land, offering hope in recovery. Our vision is simple: to forge strong relationships by adding value to every person, business, and community in Vermont.

The Light Radio Network

Isabelle's Lighting is a proud financial supporter of Christian Ministries Inc (dba The Light Radio Network) as they daily deliver the good news of Jesus Christ to over 700,000 listeners covering most of the state of Vermont and surrounding communities in New York, New Hampshire and Canada.


Vermont Christian Music

"Changing Hearts through Christian Music" is the mission of Vermont Christian Music. Isabelle's Lighting is an annual Diamond Sponsor of Vermont Christian Music, bringing quality clean and enjoyable music events to families in Vermont and the surrounding areas.


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